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Some Ways to Earn ArcheAge Gold

In ArcheAge, earning ArcheAge gold is even more essential. Indeed, how much Gold you have will greatly affect your ability to craft or buy high tier weapons, armor, and vehicles, among others. As such, you will want to learn how to earn Gold in the game as early as possible.

Trade Packs
Trade Packs are THE way to get gold in ArcheAge. Available from level 10, a quest will pop up guiding you through the process of creating and delivering your first trade pack. Basically, there are specialties specific to a region that you can deliver to Gold Traders on your continent (you may also deliver them to other continents for Gilda Stars and crafting materials). The only rule is that you cannot deliver the specialties in the region where they were crafted. And while you may be tempted to deliver them to the closest Gold Trader available in other regions, it is also good to note that the further you travel to sell the trade pack, the more Gold you will earn. To be precise, selling the trade pack to a Gold Trader that is only a region away will get you around 3 Gold and 50 Silvers, while selling it to one that is 4 regions away will net you around 6 Gold and 50 Silvers.

Your first trade run will be pretty easy to make, only requiring 60 Turmerics (that will require you to plant around 25 Turmeric seeds) and 50 Dried flowers (earned by processing flowers of the same kind). Moreover, for each trade pack, you will need a quality certificate that you can buy from a General Merchant for 50 Silvers. Once your trade pack in hand, it is up to you to decide where to deliver it, although I would recommend trying to complete the Trade Packs quests as soon as possible as they will earn you a Donkey mount, as well as a Scarecrow for a 16x16 farm, both helping greatly in your future trade runs.

Sell Trade Packs Materials
If you don't feel like going through the long process of creating and delivering a trade pack, you can simply grow and gather the materials required to create one, and sell them in an Auction House, or by sending a request out in the Trade chat if you aren't a Patron. Not being a Patron may also cause some problems in growing your crops, but that's nothing an illegal farm can't solve (below is a screenshot of my illegal potato farm, with 300+ plants).

If selling Trade Packs materials doesn't seem rewarding enough, you still have the option of gathering and selling Logs (or process them into Lumber), Iron Ores (or process them into Iron Ingots), Cotton (or process them into Fabric), or Raw Stones (or process them into Stone Bricks), all of them being essential materials in the creation of houses, farms or vehicles.

Complete Quests
While the monetary rewards for individual quests may seem trivial, in the long term they can be a decent source of income. Moreover, monsters that you kill to complete quests also have a chance of dropping a Coinpurse. Requiring labor to be opened, Coinpurses contain a random amount of silvers and, in rare cases, valuable crafting materials.

Thievery and Piracy
If you don't feel like working for your own Gold, you can also steal the property of other players. Illegal farms being unprotected, players can loot them at will, uprooting the trees for a chance of getting a sapling, or waiting for them to be ready to harvest them. They can also attack and loot players carrying a trade pack in the PvP zones or at sea. Just be ready to be put on trial and spent a good time in jail, the Jury doesn't exactly like uprooters or players that attack their own faction.

Tips of ArcheAge Fast Leveling to LV50

ArcheAge is a F2P online game, many players are rushing leveling in the game now who are a Founder can head start playing 4 days in advance.

Level 1-20

In level 1- 20, you have to go along with the task, no only you can get the Ally's Wings and Mount, but also it is very important that you can finish the Scarecrow task and can receive the Pumpkin Head task. It is very fast level up to LV20 with few hours. Note, do not faced with 2+ monsters when doing the task and try to reduce the number of deaths.

Level 20-30

In fact, does not need you do other things in this archeage level stage, it is up to you how to gameplay. You can continue go along with your tasks, or choose start doing your crafting skills to leveling. Your equipment will be updated soon if you do along with your tasks and has more leveling experience. It is very easy if you team up your friends or others actually. If you choose leveling with kill monsters, do not kill the remote monsters and deal with 2+ monsters.

Level 30-40

You will be officially entered the upgrade zone is the intersection of two continents: Halcyona. If you want to do the task, please team up to play, or will be killed by another faction. So it is not recommended to leveling through farm monsters in here, first farm monsters will be too slow, second, it is very hard to team up and easy to clean out by enemy unless you go along with your guild. Below is the archeage Halcyona map, PVP is very frequent. Blue circle place is the hidden job, and the Red circle place you can building house if you are very powerful, generally do not recommend build house in this map unless no land you can build.

AA Halcyona

Level 40-50

It is very cool things to fast leveling if you can find a good place to farm monsters in this archeage level stage, just playing LV40 monsters until not give you any experience. Killing a monster will give you 0.3% experience when you are LV40, 300 monsters will be able to upgrade about 50 minutes basically. If add the time of Meditate, it is enough about 1 hours.

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How to Level Up to level 50 in 4 Days

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How to fast leveling has been a hot topic no matter you are playing any game. Although there are many ways you can choose leveling in ArcheAge online, but it is difficult that how to fast leveling up to level 50 in a short time. Now there is a fast leveling way you need know, how to level up to level 50 in 4 days even 2 days?

Fast Leveling in ArcheAge

1-30 level, do your quests, the quest will be less about you are level 20 and choose farm monsters has the same level with you in this time. You can kill the monster about 10 seconds and do not take damage if you use above 2 recommended classes, very high efficiency.

After level 30 you will enter the neutral map. The sooner leveling, the more relaxed. Do not do the quests in other continents, unless you feel you can 1 vs 100.

After level 40, recommended to farm the level 40-50 monsters, because the experience will be less from ArcheAge quests, one quest just like you slay 10 monsters. Slay a monster about gain 0.3% experience when you level 40, then kill 300 monsters you can up 1 level, so you just kill 15000 monsters from level 1- level 50, about 40 hours if you slay a monster 10 seconds. So, you up to level 50 entirely possible just about kill 10 hours / day in ArcheAge game.

Do your equipments after you level 50. The green equipments are dropped by monsters you can use enough in the process of leveling, and up to full level in 2 days if you are a crazy man 24 hours online in the game.

Another leveling way you can choose if do not like doing quests in the game

Slay a kind of monster until can not give your experience, then choose slay another monster's level higher than before until no experience, then continue choose slay a monster's level higher than before, repeated. There is a little difference to the experience from the monster, the level 1 monster can give you 70+ experience, and the level 50 just give you 300+ experience, so the highest efficient way to get experience is slay the lower level monster than your level, less blood, low defense and easy kill.

archeage leveling

As the same time you can cost your labor points to gathering when you use this leveling way. But you should know it is not very stable get the equipments compared to doing quests, and the benefits of this way is you can find a good place to has been farm monsters, however you should KS when you doing quests, it is a much tougher issue.

Of course,you also can fast leveling to farm ArcheAge Gold in the ArcheAge online game, many leveling ways are make you get much gold for your characters, such as Planting, Alchemy, Weaponcraft. Have fun!

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Make Money With Labor in Archeage

As we all know that Archeage Gold play the very important role in the game. No matter you want to buy advanced items or purchase farm field, money is the essential. Today, we are glad to share three ways to make gold fast and easy in ArcheAge.


To get Archeage Gold form Monster
Actually, to farm gold from monster almost is the usually rule in every MMORPG. About this method, you should have fortunate and huge backpack to pick up items and gold. If you can get the unique items in the game, to be a rich man is easy!

To use Archeage Labor Make Gold
In the Archeage, the setting of labor system is one of the way to get gold. with such a labor system, you can actually run a corporation. Pay people daily to work for you, and you get all your projects finished fast and rip the benefits, while the users get the money they need stably each day.

To Get Gold through Auction House
The Auction House always is a good place for the business man make great fortune overnight.To buy and sell at the right time,you can get the profits quickly. This method is good for every player, while not everyone can take profits form it. The player can find the AH NPC in main city,you can price and bid items. Of course, you should know more about the demand supply and prices tend downward.

Above these Archeage guide, we have listed three different ways to make money in Archeage. The players can in according with your personal situation to make money easy.

Monday, August 4, 2014

7 Fast Leveling Ways in ArcheAge

ArcheAge, not only have up to 120 kinds of classes you can choose, but also have a wide variety of leveling ways in ArcheAge online game. Ok, let me talk about the various interesting leveling mode in ArcheAge.

1. Fighting
The simplest leveling way is fighting. Not only get some experience, even gain various equipments and props. This is also the most traditional way to leveling.

2. Gathering
The crafting skill is a very important part of ArcheAge. You need various materials no matter your used them to improve your equipment or build yourself boats and houses. So you should gather materials whiling leveling, gain leveling experience, even the related gathering experience.

3. Housing
Unique housing and planting system in ArcheAge, find a beautiful paradise to plants your trees and build a manor if you are peace-loving. Another, housing and planting also can be upgraded.

4. Ships
In ArcheAge you can purchase or gathering some materials to create your watercraft, small boats and large vessels. It is very interesting that driving your ship in the ocean, increase your experience to make you fast leveling. Very cool.

5. Over-done the Quest
There are two quest mode you can see in your complete quest, "done" and "over-done". If you kill the monsters' number more than the specified number in your quest, will display "over-done" and less than the numbers, will "done". If you over-done the quest, can get more experience. Notice that with your leveling in later, the quest will more and more less, so if each quest do the "over-done" will maximize efficiency.

6. Processing
Once you gathering some materials, can put these materials were produced. Not only you can get the higher equipments, but also gain the experience in processing.

7. Switch faction
You will find the quests has decreased after leveling to a certain stage. You should go to the enemy faction in this time. Some difficult materials and quests will be easy to find in the enemy faction you can find.

Choosing your ways to leveling and farm ArcheAge Gold fast in the game. Have fun!

ArcheAge Help and Tricks Coming Soon!

AA Help

Welcome to  My plans with this site are to collect tips and tricks for people who want to take the quick route to the top.ArcheAge raised the level cap to 50 and I wanted to find a single source where people could come to speed their way to the top.So many people try to buy ArcheAge accounts because they want a quick level 50 character but then you're nothing more than a noob with a high level character you don't know how to work.

Although leveling can be painful, it is a necessary evil to learn the intricacies of how your character works.However there are a lot of opportunities to waste time (quests that don't provide decent loot) or doing quests in an unoptimized fashion.We want to help you find the optimal solution.Good Luck!